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ACT/SAT FREE Parent Info Meeting
September 10 at 7pm at the HSB!!

ACT/SAT Math Prep Course
(25 hours)
Tuesdays at the HSB
2:30-5:00 PM
Next class begins on September 15!

ACT/SAT Math Prep Courses

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A great score on the ACT or SAT can open doors for college entrance. It can also mean thousands of dollars in scholarships.  These courses are designed to give an overview of the content on the ACT and SAT math tests. Significant time will be spent on test taking tips and strategies. The costs for the courses vary based on length and location. I will also be offering optional, personalized tutoring sessions for an additional hourly fee. Please call/email me to register. I look forward to helping you excel on the ACT and SAT!

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Here's what people are saying...

​"My daughter improved her math scores by 80 points after your class. The extra time studying and your excellent review made all the difference. You taught her shortcuts to problems - which were most helpful, she says. This was well worth our time and $. Thank you for supporting us in this way, Nate! I highly recommend this class."

​"Nate helped our daughter to systematically prepare for the Math portion of the SAT. She was given test-taking strategies which enabled her to calmly take her exam. We'd highly recommend Nate's SAT-prep course, and plan on our son participating when he's a junior in high school."

​"Our daughter took this course from Nate. She said it really helped her. She retook the ACT after this course and increased her points which increased her scholarship by quite a bit! We highly recommend it!"